Upcoming Event: Sonoma Jazz + Wine and Song Around the Plaza

Close your eyes (okay, well just pretend to close your eyes so that you can actually read on), it’s a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon and you’re walking around historic Sonoma Square. You pass by a small café and you hear sounds coming from what can only be described as angels singing. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you pop inside to inquire as to the source of these heavenly sounds only to be greeted by a glass of wine. Looking around you discover that the music that drew you inside is coming from a local jazz band. After listening for awhile and enjoying your wine you make your way back to the square. Just as you begin to think you could never experience something so amazing again, you walk by the next café and have the worst (or best?) case of déjà vu imaginable. Sound too good to be true, not at Sonoma Jazz+ Wine and Song it isn’t.

Presented by Sonoma Jazz +, a non-profit aimed at preserving jazz music through world-class festivals and education programs, Wine and Song Around the Plaza is a way to experience the best that Sonoma has to offer, all in one concentrated location. So leave the car at home and make your way to the Sonoma Square on May 22nd and 23rd.

This fantastic event, taking place on both Saturday and Sunday from 1:30-5:00pm, will feature over 20 participating wineries and 9 participating venues, each with their own band or musician rockin’ the day away. Tickets for this event are just $65 per day and get you 12 wine + song tastings, 4 food tastings, a complimentary water, tote, and souvenir wine glass. To experience all of these wineries individually would easily cost more than this so coming out to Wine and Song is not only a great price but a great way to experience some of the best wineries in the area.

If you can’t make it to the daytime activities (heck, even if you can), Sonoma Jazz + continues the fun into the night with some world class musical acts. Headlining on Friday May 21st, the evening before Wine and Song Around the Plaza kicks off is Crosby, Stills, and Nash. As we move into the weekend, Earth, Wind, and Fire will be sure to get the crowd groovin’ on Saturday and Elvis Costello will wrap up the festival on Sunday night. As with all concerts, tickets vary based off location but any seat under the tent is sure to be a great one.

If all this sounds like the way you want to spend a weekend in Sonoma in late May, Sonoma Jazz + Wine and Song is right up your ally. If I still haven’t convinced you to go or you are unable to make it, I will sacrifice my weekend to attend and write about it here on The Oregon Wine Blog.


Josh Gana said...

Sounds like an awesome event. I'd love a sandwich from the Sonoma Cheese Factory with some jazz and a glass of wine right about now. A cup of tea and some toast will have to do.