Seattle Summer calls for Cotes du Fremont Rose (509 Wines)

One of Seattle's urban winemakers 509 Wines is releasing a new wine this week. The Cotes du Fremont Rose is hitting the streets - just in time for summer. The owner and one of the winemakers, Kevin Conroy, told me he was inspired to make this wine last summer while hanging out on an Eastlake neighborhood balcony, "There's nothing like summer in Seattle; I need to make a summer wine." Cotes du Fremont was born.

509's location on the shore of Lake Union and at the base of the Hills of Fremont lends the wine it's name. The Syrah-based Rose continues in 509 Wines Rhone-style varietal wheelhouse and is another step in the movement of legitimate winemakers trying to undo the damage those brainiacs in California did with White Zinfandel. I was given a bottle of the Cotes du Fremont by Stacey at 509 a few weeks ago and told to "sit on it" but not like that lady Flo from Mel's Diner, more like, "the wine was just bottled days ago, please give it due time."

The wine has a beautiful nose with summer all over it; full of grapefruit, field grasses and cut rhubarb. The pallet on the wine is strawberries and apricots, with a stony minerality and well-balanced acidity. This will be a good wine to sip on it's own or with any number of the foods summer brings us. If you're like me, you're ready for the grey skies to give way to the summer we know and love. While the weather has yet to get here, Friday will mark the arrival of the wine made for Seattle summertime. Let's just hope Mother Nature is a wine drinker.

(Get to the Rose release party this Friday, May 7th at 3pm in Fremont.)