#WAwine ...#WAthehelldoesthatmean?

WAWine June 3

Josh Wade is an evil genius. If you look at his blog logo and Twitter picture, he's staring at you. Nay, he's staring through you, peering into your soul from behind that red "N." Like a Sesame Street segment on the letter N gone evil: "N is for Necronomicon kiddies....muhahhahahaha." The Evil Genius of #WAMerlot fame is at it again, and this time he's not stopping at Merlot, there's more #WA though. Josh likes the #WA. Hell, we all like #WA and that's the whole point. We'd like you to show the #WA some love. Whether you're in WA or in OR or in some other places with less ready access to Northwest wines, we'd like you to give WA a shot and maybe pass on the CA. (By the way, this is all much funnier if you say the letters phonetically. Also, Josh isn't really evil. Far from it, in fact. But it got your attention.)

So on June 3rd, #WAwine will be your chance to take part in a Washington wine tasting event, even if you're in someplace like Sturbridge, Massachuttes. If you're on the twitter machine and you're into the tweeting, you can have yourself a glass or a bottle or even a box of #WAwine and then you can tell the world what you think of it. Twitter is good for that sort of thing. And as someone who has tasted a great deal of #WAwine, I can tell you that you're gonna love it.

The more obvious goal of #WAWine is to get people to give Washington wine a whirl. It's more than that, though. It also creates relationships within the Washington Wine industry through the world of social media. Josh's last go at this, #WA Merlot was a wild success in this respect. Over 500 people used the twitter machine to fake talk in the twitter world about Washington Merlot. Those twitter users fake talked, or tweeted about Washington Merlot over 2000 times. In addition to the tweeting, there were 1000 people at nearly 80 locations throughout Washington, these people, and I was one of them, were not only real talking with other attendees and fake talking (tweeting) about Merlot but we were buying it, too.

Wineries like Kyra Wines, 509 Wines and Laurelhurst Cellars have registered

So on June 3rd you should cozy yourself up to a bottle of Washington Wine. If you don't have a favorite, peruse the list of wineries that are registered for the event and give one of their wines a try. There will be tasting rooms and wine bars throughout the state that are hosting opportunities for you to taste as much #WAwine or Washington Wine as your heart desires.

Think of it this way: you can be part of a phenomenon. When was the last time you got to say that? Except for the mullet thing, and that doesn't really count. It was more of a movement than a phenomenon.


@nectarwine said...

Maybe I am evil...bwaaahahahaha. As always a creatively written post. That mullet thing may have been a fad/force but it worked for me in the late 80's early 90's.

See you on the twitter machine!


wild walla walla wine woman said...

I bet if Josh starts now, he could have himself a good looking mullet by the time of the Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla.

Delta Dawn said...

I love the heavy use of the word "evil" and "twitter machine" in this post. I'm happy to be someone from #WA, now in #OR, having the opportunity to stay up-to-speed on all these awesome wine events via my twitter machine!

Sip with Me! said...

I hope to tasting some #WAwine - but I promise, no faking talking here. Just keeping it real! Great post Clive!!