Upcoming Event: 3rd Annual Wine Rocks Seattle

If you recall, back in the autumn I posted an article about the 2nd Annual Wine Rocks Seattle. As you can see, it's back, and maybe a bit early, or maybe it's right on time. The event has shifted venues, and what's more rock n' roll than the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle? Well, maybe you say, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but I've got news for you, genius. That's in Cleveland. If they make wine in Ohio, I'm scared of it. So, back to our story...

The 3rd Annual Wine Rocks Seattle event is kicking off on Thursday evening, June 3rd from 7 until 10pm. That's in a couple weeks. The event benefits Art Corps, a non-profit that is committed to teaching arts to children of all economic background. Art Corps believes that art plays an important role in the education and daily lives of young people and the communities they live in.

At last year's Wine Rocks Seattle, there were a few things worth noting. There was the unbelievable wine that showcased the phenomenal work being done here in Washington. There was awesome music. There were winemakers rocking out and that bald guy from The Presidents of the United States of America even sang a few songs. And there was food and the food was silly good, folks. Silly and good. It was so good it was silly is what that means.

So get your tickets now, because last year's event sold out fast. If you see me there, say hello.


Sip with Me! said...

Looks like a super fun event but isn't it the same day as #WAwine? You can always tweet from the event, could be the ultimate Tweet-Up!!