2004 Silvan Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Friends, my apologies, I have been lax in upholding my Oregon Wine Blog responsibilities... This and my recent birthday required opening something special, something big, something red. A bottle of 2004 Cabernet Reserve from Silvan Ridge (http://www.silvanridge.com/) fit the bill, especially because a new stainless BBQ graced the backyard and awaited two beautiful New York steaks and some asparagus!

The nose on this bottle was very, very smooth; vanilla, cinnamon, and anise notes dominated the nose and palette. The first sip did have a slight bite at the very back of the mouth, which was lost completely when paired with the steak. However, the peppery flavor of the steaks brought forward similar notes from the glass. These spices were not present at the first sip-a great example of wine making the meal and the meal making the wine!

Such a pairing is standard with Bordeaux varietals and has been sighted previously on the Oregon Wine Blog however, this Rouge Valley red is something special to me. Syrah's are still supreme, but this Cabernet is exceptional and I will be looking for the next Cab Reserve from Silvan Ridge- luckily only a ten minute drive south of Veneta on Territorial highway will get me (and you) to the winery!

With only 150 cases produced, this a rare bottle in the age of 1000+ cases/vintage/year. This particular bottle was received as a house warming gift so I don't have a price quote, but I would guess $30 to $40 would be a good guess-not cheap, but this is a very good Cab that is worth a spot in someone's special selection.
CORRECTION- I received some valuable input from a Silvan Ridge insider. The 2004 Silvan Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve described above retails for $20 to $25, which makes this bottle a bargain for people who like big reds! Cheers!


Josh Gana said...

That sounds delicious! Perfect for your birthday, and we def need to hit Silvan Ridge (and King Estate, and Sweet Checks, and Benton Lane, and and and...)

Grace said...

Silvan Ridge truly does produce some wonderful wines. In our restaurant we carry three of their reds - Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot - by the bottle. Each have their following, but my personal vineyard favorite is the Semi-Sparkling Muscat! I have very special feelings towards since my husband proposed to me over a bottle. That aside, it’s not just for a special occasion. This delicious wine is good alone, with dessert or even before dinner. Great price point for a wonderful dessert wine!