The Perfect Saturday Destination - Avalon Wine

If you're reading this when it posts, it's Saturday morning and hopefully you are lounging around in pajamas, sipping a nice cup of coffee, while pondering what the day holds for you. If you are performing said activities in the greater Corvallis region, downtown needs to be your destination, oh around 11:00 AM. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you. It involves food and wine, the focal point of my existence.

Downtown Corvallis on Saturdays is the "bees knees" for greater than or equal to two reasons. First, the Farmer's Market opened last weekend for the season. The market is a fabulous opportunity to stroll, browse, carouse, see the colorful people, buy the colorful produce, and just have a great time. It closes at 1:00 PM. Head there at 11:00 AM, spend an hour, and then...

Wander to Avalon Wine, located at 201 SW 2nd Street. You see, the great thing about Avalon on Saturday is the fact that they have free wine tasting. Every Saturday. Always free. Avalon strikes a great balance between bringing in distributors who will sample a variety of wineries and local winemakers who will pour their wine and hearts out to you at the same time. Today, Avalon will be hosting Denise from Triage Wines, a local distributor specializing in fine value wines. She'll be pouring offerings from Syncline, McKinley Springs, and some french offerings.

Avalon has long been the local wine shop of choice in Corvallis for The Oregon Wine Blog, they always have a great selection of local and hard to get wines and a reasonable price. Great staff, too. We've got some exciting partnership initiatives in the works with Avalon in the near future.

So, convinced yet? Come on, get up off your butt and head downtown. I certainly would...if I weren't in the Yakima Valley for Spring Barrel Tasting at this very moment. Magic, you ask? No...just the magic of scheduling posts.