What happened? The bottle is empty! EdenVale Midsummer's Eve.

I was all geared up this evening to write an intellectual, refined post on the wine of the evening - EdenVale's 2006 Midsummer's Eve White Wine -- and next thing I knew, the bottle was empty.  Whoops!  Who was I kidding, anyway?  When is ANYTHING intellectual and refined on The Oregon Wine Blog? If your answer is "all the time, of course" then you have a new place on our favorite reader list. Really, we have a list. On to the wine.

Just like this post, I had other intentions for this particular wine. It was scheduled to be paired with the first course of our winter wine pairing dinner, taken from the pages of The Vintner's Kitchen. Unfortunately, the wine didn't arrive in time for the dinner so on the rack it sat until tonight, waiting for the perfect pairing with a chicken stir fry and an empty glass. Midsummer's Eve is a white wine blend, and while I don't have the technical specs at hand, I'm deducing that it is a blend of Pinot Gris and Viognier. Slightly off-dry, the wine presents with a nose of peaches and pears. On the palate, Drew found the wine a buttery and I detected melon with a very pleasant mouthfeel. This is one of those unique wines that could go perfectly in nearly every scenario. I enjoyed it with a spicy stir fry, however, it would be amazing on a hot summer night out on the deck, or paired with a fruit-based dessert by the fire on a cold winter evening. Meant to exemplify all four seasons, EdenVale hit the mark on this one.

I don't drink a ton of white wine at this point in my vinographical life, but this is definitely an enjoyable wine. It's also a bit on the lighter side and goes down easily, hence the empty bottle and lack of notes. Check out this wine and check out EdenVale, situated firmly in the Rogue Valley out of Medford.



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