2006 Nuthatch Syrah with Short Ribs at GTF

Back on track with our series on the May wine dinner at Gathering Together Farm, the main course the evening was a dish featuring short ribs paired with a Nuthatch Cellars 2006 Seven Hills Vineyard Syrah. The beef short rib, served over bok choy and potato puree with dandelion gremolata, were good but could have used a little more spice. It was more of a traditional homestyle preparation as opposed to an asian or fusion style. While not disappointed with the ribs, I had hoped for a little more complex of a dish.

Nuthatch Cellars has a limited production of less than four hundred cases per year and in doing so are able to give meticulous attention to the entire process -- hand labeling and corking every bottle. Located in the foothills west of Corvallis, OR, they source fruit from some of the heavy hitting vineyards in the Walla Walla, Horse Heaven Hills, Umpqua Valley, and Columbia Valley appellations. They only make "big ass reds" and do a great job at it.

The 2006 Seven Hills Vineyard Syrah uses vineyard designate grapes from the Walla Walla Valley. This full bodied wine is described, "with luscious blackberry fruit and a backbone of refined tannis, it has a long, sustained finish. Aged 16 months is 70% French and 30% American oak, it is unfiltered and unfined." I found a nose of tobacco on the wine, and Chris noted a "puckery action" upon taste. All agreed this was a wonderful big red and we got the desired spiciness out of the wine versus the ribs.

Well folks, that's it for this course. Next up, finishing the series, Rick is going to chroicle our experience with dessert - a strawberry & rhubarb japonaise with Harris Bridge Winery Pinot Noir dessert wine.

Until then, make a comment and tell us what you like to pair a syrah with?