2006 Sweet Cheeks Esate Pinot Gris

Sometimes decisions made on a whim yield surprising results! In this case, the result was an award-winning Pinot Gris to go along with the previously reviewed Riesling from Sweet Cheeks Winery in Crow, Oregon.

As with many Gris's, citrus notes dominate the nose and palette of this specimen. However, it is the combination of citrus, melon, acidity, and a hint of fig that define this wine from others of the same varietal. The finish is clean and refreshing with a citrus-mineral linger.

My first paring with this lovely wine was a artichoke jalapeno spread served prior to Thanksgiving-a very good combo. This wine was also used to make the sausage dressing for the same occasion, and then paired with a crab salad. Both outstanding.

Overall, this wine is a solid choice at $15. Below I have noted some of the awards earned by this white gem.


Best Pick Riesling for Oregon Wine Press
Winner 2007 Oyster Wine Competition
Gold Medal Winner West Coast Wine competition
Gold Medal Winner Northwest Wine Summit
Gold Medal Winner Astoria Wine competition
Oregon Press Pinot Gris Best Pick