Reds vs. Whites, Good vs. Bad

I feel that I must make the caveat whenever I write about a Reds that I am much more preferential to Whites. This does not mean that I don't drink Reds, but it is harder for me to find a good Red I like and once I do, I remain pretty loyal to it - comparing other Reds to the select few I love.

I had a friend come in from Chicago this weekend and we explored a couple of wineries south of Eugene. When I looked at the wines I purchased over the course of the weekend, I found I bought an greatly disproportionate number of Reds to Whites, about 7 to 2 , and this was very intentional.

I also recently had a conversation with a couple of people, Gana included, and we talked about how we only really talk about wines that we enjoyed here on The Oregon Wine Blog. My rationale was quite simple - we sample a lot of wines between all of the contributors, but we usually only buy the ones we like, hence that is what we log about. I have made the decision that I will also be starting to purchase wines that I might not like as much - others may disagree, which I think is a good thing, or I might turn someone onto a wine that they really enjoy.

In other words, in the next couple of weeks, be on the lookout for some of my posts as I give my insights on some Reds, some from the south-central Willamette Valley, and some that I might not like as much (the later portion will take longer since I currently only have ones I enjoy).


AEFlatley said...

I'm excited to hear about the reds that you don't like in case they are ones that my "red prefered" mouth enjoys.

Anonymous said...

What I've found difficult about reviewing spirits I don't like is I have very little to say in comparison to one I enjoy. It's a lot easier to brag about something you enjoy, so I tend to reserve negative reviews to ones that I had incredibly high hopes for, but was let down.

The other key to negative reviews is to compare it to those of the same style. I've tried reviewing Belgian-style ales on my blog many times, but have found out I just don't like that style of beer. I can, however, objectively compare it to those of the same style and state a preference.

Of course, there's always the possibility that you happen upon something so disgusting that you actually have quite a lot to say. This method can almost be as fun as bragging about something you loved =)