WVV 2001 Hoodview Vineyard Pinot Noir

We were in the tasting room at Willamette Valley Vineyards this evening, and convinced Jon (the tasting room manager) to open up a bottle of the 2001 Hoodview Vineyard Pinot Noir--the only single-vineyard pinot they currently have in stock that I hadn't tried. It was good. Real good. A nice nose of leather with a smooth silky taste and a quicker finish.

This vineyard was planted 1990 off Hoodview Road in the Eola Hills. The microclimate at this location favors Pinot noir as it is a warm, southeast facing slope of well drained Jory soil. This soil is 4 to 7 feet deep and dark red from its iron content.

Hoodview is the first Pinot that Jon fell in love with, and while I won't go that far, it's a good bottle of wine.


Drew Desilet said...

Look for a quality post on this wine from one of us wino's in the coming months. Three of us tried the wine today, all promising to buy a bottle or two at another time for special consumption. Blog posts sure to come.

Mags said...

Desilet is a tease.