Cottonwood Canyon 2000 Estate Chardonnay

With dinner this evening I'm enjoying a glass of 2000 Estate Chardonnay from Cottonwood Canyon winery. Cottonwood is in the Santa Maria Valley in California (yea yea, not Oregon) on the foxen canyon wine trail -- think Sideways as Santa Barbara County and many of Cottonwood's neighbors is where it was filmed. I visited this winery back in March with my aunt, who works there part-time when she isn't doing space rocket stuff for Boeing at Vandenburg...pretty much for the discounts.

The immediate thing you notice about this chard is the color--it is much more golden than most Chardonnay's. It almost has the look of apple juice. There are strong buttery notes on the nose with a hint of lime and some oak. The taste is green-applesque, which could make sense given the apple juice color. The buttery nature of this wine lingers through the finish.

It's a rich wine that paired well with the pork loin roast and potatoes for dinner tonight. While I'm of course an Oregon wine advocate, this is a good drinkable California wine. I think it retailed around $20, although I don't suspect they distribute much out of the county.


Emily said...

You are such and wine nerd Gana. This blog cracks me up! Thoughly entertaining and educational. I just wish I liked wine...