Warm Thoughts from the Caribbean

Greetings to all of those in the Pacifc NW and beyond who have and continue to follow TOWB. I have been vacationing in the Caribbean with my parents, and when I return to Oregon, as a treat to you all, the next posts you will see from me will be about 2 types of Caribbean "wine," as well as a review of Tony's Wine Bar, just down from the block.

I know it has been a bit chilly in the NW lately, so hopefully I will bring some warmer weather for those who are not as pleased with the cold as I will be to return to it.

I am also hoping to bring back a special surprise for one of the writers here at The Oregon Wine Blog. Don't worry, you will be kept in the know as to how that goes. Hopefully it will cause him to go back to his original blogging roots, just for a moment, and he will share a bit of that with us here. Have I been cryptic enough to have you all wanting more, good :-)

Until next time...