Tonight: Live Blogging a Wine Dinner

Tonight some of the staff from The Oregon Wine Blog will be attending a wine dinner at Gathering Together Farm. You may remember these dinners as we have blogged extensively about them previously. Tonight's dinner is paired with offerings from Airlie Winery. Instead of doing an in depth feature, we're going to take a little different approach: Live Blogging via Twitter.

Can we encapsulate each course of a five course meal in 160 characters and a picture? I don't know but we'll either succeed or get buzzed trying. Oh, don't worry, if something really stands out we'll probably dedicate a post to it. In the mean time, starting about 6:00 PM Pacific Time tonight keep an eye on our twitter feed, which can also be viewed in the right-hand sidebar of this page.


Christine Collier said...

How did the dinner turn out. I was so bummed I couldn't make it. But, hopefully there are new events soon. How did the Live Blogging turn out? I attempted this approach once at a wine dinner, but I felt terrible taking out my cell every 10-15 minutes! I felt like the people not knowledgeable about social networking would think I was a young girl with no table manners!

Christine Collier said...

Sorry about my terrible grammar in the last comment... add in some ? marks instead of periods and reconstruct my sentences to not start with the same words so often! Thats what I get for posting via iPhone in my first class of the new year!

Josh Gana said...

Haha, it's all good Christine, although maybe you should pay attention in class :P

The live "tweeting" went relatively well and we warned the servers so they didn't think we were rude (although little did they know that there was also some football score checking...). Catch up on our twitter feed for some good pics of each course.

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