Beware of Wine Bloggers?

Not often do I feel compelled enough to solely repost material from another blog or outlet, but I ran across a post on another wine blog via Wine Press Northwest's twitter feed that I think all blog aficionados should read.

There has long been a sense from traditional wine writers and media outlets that blogs are not legitimate in the world of journalism. Some of this, in my opinion, is a fear of new media, some is offense taken at the new angle that blogs bring, and some is plain old job protection.

Amy and Joe do a great job of breaking down the issue and responding to a critic in the post, Beware of Wine Bloggers!


Houstonwino said...

Thanks for your kind comments!

Blog Wine Cellar said...

Media is media. Wine blog's carry a lot of weight because their written by real people with real experiences. There is usually a minimum amount of money involved, so the truth is most often written.

WineWonkette said...

Thanks so much for the compliments. We hope you continue to enjoy Another Wine Blog!