Did you say free?

If you know me in person, you know a few things:

1. I love wine (duh)
2. I'm a very loyal consumer
3. I love a bargain, deal, or great value
4. I travel a lot

As a result of the aforementioned facts, Horizon Air is by far my favorite airline. Not only do they have a robust regional route map, good fares, and convenient schedules, but their customer service is excellent. I digress.

Much more relevant to this blog is the fact that on every flight, for passengers 21 and over, Horizon features complimentary northwest microbrew and wine on a monthly rotation. With most airlines cutting back in this day and age, catering to the tastes of enophiles such as myself is a rarity and much appreciated.

Yesterday I was traveling from Eugene to Pasco, via Seattle, and was happy to take some wine off of their hands. On this flight the option was a Chardonnay from Sawtooth Winery. Located in Nampa, Idaho, Sawtooth is an emerging contender in the Northwest wine market. I'll leave the detailed review of this wine to others, my point really is....free! Support a local company, drink some free wine, and choose Horizon next time you are flying in the northwest.