2007 Signature Pinot Gris

What a beautiful day we had here in the Willamette Valley today - the sky full of sunshine and dotted with clouds. A gentle, though at times chilly, breeze rubbed its hands on the face, and temperatures were in the low-50s. No, not too bad of a day at all.

I spent part of the day cleaning and prepping for the week, and part of the day watching collegiate baseball - congratulations to the Willamette University Bearcats for their sweep of the Whitworth Pirates! Then, true to form, I was on a quest for which wine I would open this evening. I searched through my numerous bottles, despite thinking that I had a wine in mind, and finally made a decision.

In the Fall, Josh and I had made our way to King Estate for lunch. I was a bit naive to think that
the patio would still be open, based on when we went (early October I think), but to no avail. The day was a bit chilly, probably about the same as today, but when going from Summer to Fall, the same temperature can feel very different than when going from Winter to Spring. The sky was also a more consistent overcast sky than today, but I digress. We did some tasting before we sat down to eat and one of the wines that we tried as the 2007 Signature Oregon Pinot Gris. Now I don't recall what we ate, or what wine we had with lunch, but I do know that both Josh and I enjoyed this wine so much that we each left with a bottle.

I stopped by my neighborhood grocery store, on my way home from baseball, in order to pick up a baguette and brie to enjoy with my wine. After having let the Pinot Gris chill for a while, I opened it and sat down to enjoy my evening. I opened the bottle, poured a glass and was reminded what I liked about this wine. The color on it is one that is similar to a white grape - a lightened golden color. When swirled there is a nice coat with even legs around my glass.

The nose, oh the nose here is quite good, yet is a bit deceiving. I find the nose to be more like that of a late harvest wine or dessert wine - a bit on the sweeter side (I definitely welcome anyone else, including Josh, to describe it in their own way). Other ways/things I notice about the nose include a mixture of grapes with a hint of pears/citrus. The Winemaker's Notes describe the aroma of the following: "Ripe peach, sweet grapefruit, orange blossom and tropical fruit."

I describe the palate of this wine as mixed :-) There is a quick tartness that is frequently noticeable with a Pinot Gris. But this one has the citrus flavor that is not overt, and overpowering. There is no real sweetness like the nose would imply, but as the Winemaker's Notes suggest, it is "balanced". There is no one flavor that is too domineering over the others. There no heavy aftertaste or warming feeling on the throat or the palate. It was almost as if once you swallowed it, there was really nothing left to remind you of the wine, except your memories.

I find this Pinot Gris to be a clean and enjoyable wine. What a great way to end the weekend, while preparing for what will be a long and full week! Wishing the best to all of you.

Until next time...