Cottonwood Canyon 2000 Synergy Classic

Last night, Bob Woodshed of the [BW] Beer Blog and I were putting the final touches on a project that we had been working on, and the completion called for celebration. To the wine rack I went, were our choice was whittled down to three different options -- a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Kiona, a Dolcetto from Erath, and the 2000 Synergy Classic from Cottonwood Canyon. The Synergy hit the spot, so open it became.

If you recall from a post from some time ago, Cottonwood Canyon Winery is in the Santa Maria Valley AVA (California), and my aunt works there part time so I visited the winery in March of 2007 when I was down in the area. They focus on Chardonnay and Pinot, but put out some bigger red bordeaux varietals as well. The Synergy is a bordeaux blend -- 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot. Interestingly, by taste I would have sworn there was some Syrah in there but of course then it wouldn't be a true bordeaux blend due to the Rhone origin of the Syrah.

According to the winery, the wine had a deep, warm blackberry color, and opened with a nose of pomegranate and smoke. I detected some leather in there as well. Flavors of rich, dark cherries come through in the mid-palate. Soft, smoky tannins and flavors of blackberry, blending into chocolate cherry repeatingly throughout, create the lingering, complex finish. It was very pleasant and very enjoyable for both of us -- thankfully, since Bob mentioned that he wasn't interested in Merlot that evening (and I didn't even think about it until we were well into the wine). Definitely a winner. I'm looking forward to opening the bottle of 1996 Synergy that's on the rack waiting for another special occasion.

We rounded out the evening with a Barnard Griffin 2005 Syrah (tulip label), always a standby winner and a great value wine.


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