That Perfect Wine Rack

Have you found it? I sure haven't. For the past two years I've been on a mission to find the perfect wine rack / cabinet to hold the delicious nectar, to minimal success. It has to be just right. Not too big, not too small...classy enough...and not too expensive. You'd think I was asking for a miracle. There seems to be a void of 72 - 120 bottle offerings that aren't either really cheap or really expensive. In a tragic turn of events, some friends in Pullman found exactly what I was looking for in Spokane at Pier 1, so I dutifully went down to the Pier 1 in Eugene only to find that cabinet had been permanently discontinued and wasn't in stock in any store in Oregon. The search continues. In the meantime, my wine will stay in the hodge-podge of storing devices that it has been since I moved here.

It's been quite a while since I've posted -- sorry -- I've been in California for the past 11 days and was on vacation for a week before that. No excuse, I know. The readers of The Oregon Wine Blog will be happy to know that we drank some delicious wine in both venues, and have some great features in the works for the next few months. Notably, we are working on a trip to Eastern Washington which will feature wines from Walla Walla, Red Mountain, and Columbia Valley.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your posts on the wines of those areas. Funny you came to Calif for 11 days and I was in Oregon for 11 too.

Anonymous said...

The wine rack at Peir one, is it the red one with the black top? If so, they have one at the peir one in Jantzen Beach and Wilsonville I believe (unless I got the last one at the Wilsonville store). They had the floor model at the Tanasbourne store that maybe you could get discounted.