Not quite Oregon...or the Northwest...

(This was published after my return from my trip to Chicago in June 2008)

Once again I am writing about someplace not quite Oregon or the Northwest. I am writing this from Chicago where I am spending 2 weeks. The other day, I met up my friend Aiden and his girlfriend, Heather, for wine and cheese at a place called Bin 36. Bin 36 is located downtown Chicago near Marina City (one of my favorite places downtown) and the House of Blues. Aiden and I hadn't seen each other in several years, but he knew of my like for wine, and has one himself. While we sat in Bin 36 for only a couple of hours, Aiden told me all about this establishment that has an array of wines and cheeses while offering you the chance to just relax and unwind each evening.

The ambiance of the bar/restaurant was incredibly appealing. I remember the West and South wall of windows that let it lots of great natural light. There was this huge curtain that could be drawn if part of the restaurant was being used for a private function. Aiden mentioned that they have "classes" and tastings for those interested in wine. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of great wine with Aiden and Heather, and I will be making an entry about an amazing Pinot Noir (from Hahn Estate in Monterrey) that Aiden gave to me and survived the trip to back to Oregon.

So if you are ever in Chicago, I encourage you to check out Bin 36, you wont regret it.