No, I'm not talking about the tech firm from Office Space, rather Enoteca is the Italian word for "wine cellar" and just so happens to be the namesake of the new wine bar in Corvallis. Located at 136 Washington (and riverfront) in the Renaissance Condo building, Enoteca is a welcome addition to the Corvallis food and wine scene. A group of us checked out the new digs this evening after a great dinner at Block 15.

Upscale, classy, yet relaxed, Enoteca has an abundant selection of wines that cover the spectrum of varietals and appellations and are reasonably priced all the while. Ample selections of both red and white by the bottle from California, Italy, Australia, and of course Oregon tantalize customers and an adequate by the glass selection is available as well. The food menu is *just* large enough to meet OLCC regulations for food service with alcohol; the dessert plate we had was tasty with a selection of truffles, fruit, and candied nuts. It paired nicely with the 2002 Kiona Reserve Estate Cabernet that we enjoyed.

In a unique blending of market segments, Enoteca serves espresso and coffee as well -- catching the morning crowd with caffeine and the evening crowd with alcohol. Details are the key, with custom monogrammed wine glasses, local furniture from Inkwells, and a unique menu concept. Local ownership rounds out the package, in fact 4 of the 6 owners live in the building. Outstanding customer service was the icing on the cake to a fine evening. I'm hesitant to post this because I want Enoteca to be *our little secret*. I'll do my duty, though, and gladly share.

Watch out, Sahalie, there is a new show in town...

PS: Enoteca is hosting a grand opening tomorrow, April 12, rumored to have some pretty nice bottles open for tasting!


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I'll have to check this place out.