Politics and Wine!

It's election season here in the United States, and the presidential candidates are campaigning in full force. As Oregon has a primary coming up in May, the state is now getting some attention in the political arena. Barack's campaign is doing a worldwind tour of Oregon today and tomorrow, with stops in Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Medford. I'm working on getting down to Eugene for the rally tonight.

While this blog isn't primarily a political forum, there are certainly policy implications in terms of the wine industry and politics. Wine is quickly becoming one of the largest agricultural industries in Oregon and an administration can have stark impact on issues such as taxation, interstate commerce, support of sustainable practices, product labeling, and many other areas. Over the next few months we'll try to analyze the candidates in a way that describes what impact their presidency might have on the industry.

At The Oregon Wine Blog we cover the spectrum of political beliefs, so we'll keep posts as closely focused to the issues as possible in a respectable way. The belief we do share is one of civic engagement, involvement in the process, and education of voters. We'll do our part on the education piece.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for paying attention. As someone who will be trying to start up a winery in Oregon I am also very concerned with the political ramifications of a new president.